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Header Bags Recognition Award

Better Bags, Inc. is excited to accept this award from the Better Health Foundation

Innovator and Leading Distributor of EZ Open Header Bags System

Better Bags was founded in 1985 and is credited with the innovation and development of the EZ Open header bag system. For many decades, we have provided high quality bags for all of your store’s produce, bakery, deli, meat/seafood counter, specialty and custom needs. With our pre-opened plastic bags on a header, your customers are able to hold their produce in one hand and grab a bag with the other.

Our header bags system is also widely preferred by the elderly and handicapped community because unlike our competition, our bags are easy to reach from any height. Instead of being forced to reach up to the top of the display case, patrons can easily reach the bags on our floor stands that can be placed throughout the department.

If our header bags were any more convenient, they would open themselves!  We strive for YOUR customers’ satisfaction! Use Better Bags’ EZ Open header plastic bag system in your stores and watch how easy it is for your customer to use.

With a Better Bags bagging system in your store, your customers don’t have to focus on the bag, only what they put in it!

Our patented KLEEN SLEEV™ helps to protect customers and the remaining bags from cross contamination and helps protect your store from front end waste.  Better Bags, Inc. cares aims to relieve your store of all front and back end waste.  This sleeve fits around all of the bags on a header and allows patrons to only take one bag at a time, protecting against contamination and waste!  Plus, you don’t have to reload the rack after every header.  Our racks are specifically designed to hold 2,000 bags at a time (that’s 8 headers).

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